Charlesworth Wetland

This 20 ha of land bordered by Linwood Ave and Humphries drive was drained and from 1920's much was pasture-land. From 1991 the Christchurch City Council cleared the paddocks, scraped tidal pools and in 2005 the reserve was oficially opened. Since 2005 just over 100,000 trees, shrubs and saltmarsh plants have been planted, largely by volunteers coordinated by the Estuary Trust and supervised by Andrew Crossland - CCC Park Ranger.

ANNUAL planting event held on 19 May 2019 where 1600 of seedlings donated by Trees for Canterbury were placed in the ground by 95 people. Awesome effort thanks to all.

MONITORING PROJECT REPORT From 2015 to 2017 Ecologist Denise Ford conducted a small mammal  and arthropod monitoring project.  See the fianl report attched here.                Charlesworth Monitoring Project Report 2018.pdf

Get Involved

Every Sunday afternoon between 2 and 4pm you are invited to join the maintenance team to assist with tasks such as planting, pruning, invasive weed removal watering. Tasks depend on weather and seasons but there is always something we can do. A new task for the team is to start  monitoring the wildlife such as spiders, moths, birds, skinks etc to find out how successful the restoration work (now in it's 11th year) has been.  This will done utilising the "Nature Watch NZ" web based monitoring system.

small size-group photo of trees planted 16Sept2014.jpg

NatureWatch NZ
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