Bill Simpson (treasurer)

Bill has a background in environmental communications and marketing, including education. As a resident of Southshore he is aware of the importance of a healty estuary. His most vivid memory as a child was visiting the Estuary catching flounder. His long term dream is to see the return of the flounder and the water to be safe for swimming. Bill was elected to the Trust in 2011 and has served for 4 years as the Chair till 2016 and is a dedicated member of the Charlesworth Wetland Reserve maintenance team who meet almost weekly to plant, weed and mulch there. Bill believes that Christchurch needs the Trust to be well-resourced and strong so that it can challenge, innitiate and advocate to make sure the estuary is protected and remains as a great recreational, aesthetic and ecological asset for the city.

Islay Marsden (Vice Chair)

Ass.Prof. Islay Marsden   (Vice Chair of the Trust since September 2016)

I am an aquatic ecophysiologist from the School of Biological Science, University of Canterbury.  Most of my research has been on marine systems and I am interested in how species, populations and communities are affected by natural and anthropogenic stressors. I have been a member of the Trust for 10 years and my students have completed numerous research projects within the estuary and associated wetlands. I am passionate about the restoration of natural habitats and mahinga kai and interested in the scientific, ecological and cultural values of estuarine habitats.

Karen Banwell

Karen has a PhD student at the University of Canterbury researching the connections between urban form, social connectedness and community action following the Canterbury-Christchurch earthquakes. She worked as advisor for Environmant Canterbury with Ngai Tahu on the co-governance arrangements Te Waihora/Lake Ellesmere and Christchurch City Council on the greater Christchurch Urban development Strategy. Before coming back to New Zealand she developed and managed whole of government projects such as the NSW Planning and coastal assessment and set up the NSW Health environmental health functions for the Sydney Olympic Games. She worked for the NSW Environment Protection Authority for eight years in freshwater and marine science and policy helping to develop ANZECC Water Quality Objectives and Australi'a Ocean and Ballast Water Policies.  Karen has a masters degree in Marine Ecology and is keen to restore the ecological value of the estuary at the same time as raise community awareness of this unique place.

Kit Doudney (Chair)

For over 20 years Kit has studied the molecular genetic basis of human disease. When not working, he is a keen advocate for the Ihutai estuary and enjoys swimming and sailing in its waters. Kit's interests on the board are aimed at preserving environmental conditions that sustain a healthy ecosystem, promoting good urban and landscape design where human interaction occurs and companion animal zone of bird sanctuary on the North-western side of Te Ihutai, adjacent to the sediment ponds.

Ruth Dyson

Ruth has been involved with the Trust since 2002 when the Trust was formed. Ruth is a strong and active supporter of the collaborative model operation and of the evidence based approach to work.

Jo Hooker

Jo was elected to the board in September 2015.

She is a registered nurse. Jo is the current commodore of the Christchurch Yachtclub.

Quote from Jo; " I have always been impressed by the commitment of this Trust to ensure the welfare of the estuary and its ecosystems" . Members of the CHCH Yacht Club have been enjoying the estuary recreationsally since 1891 and it is one of three clubs on the estuary. I would like to contribute to the board what I can from yachting and other recreational user groups perspective.

Ann Kennedy (secretary)

Ann's professional background info;

B.Sc. Botany and aquatic ecology - Post graduate Diploma, Environmental Science - Marine Biology   Master of Applied Science, Environmental management                                                                  Urban and Regional Planning, Mana Kaitiakitanga and Ramsar

Ann's statement of her involvement as a board member;" I always loved the Estuary, it is part of who I am.  Interested in the ecology and environmental health of the estuary, it's catchments and building social capital with local communities.

Cynthia Roberts Ecan ex-officio

Cynthia Roberts is a current Environment Canterbury councillor

Tim Lindley

Tim joined the Trust as a board member in September 2017

He is a West Coaster by birth and is life-long water sports and environmental recreation enthusiast - 'as a kid, up the bush or in the creek was my happy place and still is'.

Tim is community Board Member for Heathcote, in the Linwood/Central/Heathcote Community Board, and a long-time of the Christchurch Coastal Pathway Group board.

NOte; The Trust welcomes the experience, wisdom and expertise Tim brings to Trust Board.

Philippa Mein Smith

Philippa is Adjunct Professor of History in the Ngai Tahu Research Centre and the School of Humanities and Creative Arts at the University of Canterbury, where she was Professor of History until 2013. She graduated BCom and MA(Hons) 1st class from the University of Canterbury and PhD from the Australian National University in Canberra.

A member of the Redcliffs Residents Association Committee and editor of the RRA's newsletter, the Redcliffs Times, she was elected to represent Redcliffs on the Estuary Trust Board of Trustees at the 2019 AGM.

Philippa's identity and sense of place have been shaped by Te Ihutai, both as a resident of Moncks Bay and a Mt Pleasant child who grew up with a view of the Estuary and watched its degradation into the 1970s with concern. This background informs her commitment to restoring the Estuary to health.

Celia King

Celia was elected as a board member at the September 2019 AGM

Background details to come....