The Avon-Heathcote Estuary Ihutai Trust is a non-profit organisation formed in 2002 by the general public and supported by Christchurch City Council, the Canterbury Community Trust and  Environment Canterbury.

Our vision is: 

Communities working together for Clean Water - Open Space - Safe Recreation and Healthy Ecosystems that we can all enjoy and respect.

Toi tú te taonga á iwi - Toi tù te taonga á Tane - Toi tú taonga á Tangaroa - Toi tú te Iwi



Charlesworth Wetland

This 20 ha of land bordered by Linwood Ave and Humphries drive was drained and from 1920's much was pasture-land. From 1991 city council cleared the paddocks, scraped tidal pools and in 2005 the reserve was oficially opened. Since 2005 just over 100.000 trees, shrubs and saltmarsh plants have been planted, largely by volunteers coordinated by the Estuary Trust and supervised by Andrew Crossland - CCC Park Ranger. How can you get involved in this restoration project?

McCormacks Bay

This largely neglected wetland has been 'adopted' as another project by the Estuary in August 2014. City council as land owners supervise the project and funding has been received from Environment Canterbury Bio-diversity Fund.